Control your lights from your Windows Phone 7 device

Turn off the lights downstairs, when you are already in bed. Or turn the lights on in your hallway before entering your house. All this can be done with a device you already have near you anyways; your mobile phone. With TomMotica you can control the lights and appliances in your house from by the touch of your Windows Phone 7 device.

Two-way communication is embedded in the TomMotica software. This means that from your phone you can not only control your lights, but when a state-change of your lights occurs it will be broadcasted to all connected phones. Because of this two-way communication your phones will always display the most current state of the devices in your house

Future developments
The first version, which is available now, is still an early version with lot's of new features waiting to be embedded. Here are a few new features that are on the wishlist right now.

  • Events, for instance turning lights on or off on given times, or even when the sun goes down.
  • Room Modes, switch an entire room into a specific Mode, for instance when you want to watch a movie and dim al lights to 30%.
  • XBMC integration, still a surprise......